About the Ethics Review Committee (ERC)

About the Ethics Review Committee (ERC)

ERC election meeting

Independent ethics review by a registered Research Ethic Committee (REC) is a basic requirement to bring about confidence in the ethical character of research.
The Ethics Review Committee (ERC) at the institute of endemic disease – University of Khartoum, Sudan was established in 1999 .
It is the function of the Ethics Review Committee *ERC* to ensure that all researches in the Institute of Endemic Diseases, that involve human subjects and/or informants is bound by specific ethical principles. The fundamental rationale is to preserve and respect the rights, freedom and well-being of all people. ERC thus acts to protect the community from which the human research subjects are selected. ERC does not function in the place of the ethically conscious researcher. Secondly, ERC has a monitoring function in respect of generally accepted scientific principles that underlie all research. This function will be performed to insure that the integrity of the Institute and the University is not jeopardized.
ERC as an independent, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral and pluralistic body, its membership include
• As many disciplines, sectors and professions as possible,
• Members are drawn not only from the senior ranks
• Ethnically and culturally diverse members and an appropriate mix of males and females
The committee has 13 members

ERC current committee members


Besides its roles in overseeing ethical conduct of research the ERC carries capacity building and training activities

Training lecture