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One of the main objectives of the institute of endemic diseases at the University of Khartoum is to undertake research in the major endemic diseases in the Sudan and train professionals in different fields including biochemical research.

The institute is committed to promoting a quality research culture by ensuring high standers of research management, administration, and governance. The institute indorsed and implemented health research ethical system since 1999 by establishing institutional ethics committee that played an instrumental role by issuing ethical principles,  codes and procedures, adapted to the Sudanese context.
Ethics and bioethics programs and activities:
To build the capacity of its research ethics committee the institute trained most of its staff members at both regional and international levels in ethical issues in order to update, modify and further develop the institutional ethics committee and ethical implementation of research , and help others through training and consultation.  
The ethics committee members were selected based on certain criteria that include among other qualifications, competence in ethical review issues and in a way that insures multidisciplinary and multi –sartorial membership.
Members are largely selected form persons with current experience in health research and practice, regulation of medical profession, legal procedures, and persons representing the interests and concerns of the public.

Faiza Mohamed Osman